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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We replace garage door extension springs with speed and perfection

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Not every garage door opener offers the same features. Find out which type will be best for your family needs.

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Garage Door Emergency Services

Garage Door Emergency Services

It is possible to receive quality service at affordable prices, even when it comes to emergency repair services.

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These are the garage door repair tips that should never be missed. All that you need

Garage door painting tips

Painting a garage door can prove to be an exciting home improvement idea if you follow the right method. Clean the door well and remove any traces of dirt and grime, then sand the door well as it helps the paint to stick to the door. It's best to use latex and metal paints for wood and metal doors respectively. Start painting from top to bottom and overlap each section and finally give the corners and edges a smooth touch.

Lubricate the garage door

Garage door company specializing in installation, repair and service of garage doors.Although choosing the right lubricant for your garage door is important, most of us get the application bit wrong. Garage Door Repair Dana Point professionals suggest homeowners to apply lubricant in moderation. The rollers should ideally be lubricated with a heavy duty silicone spray with thick consistency as they tend to lubricate for a long time. Depending on how often you use the garage door, it needs to be lubricated every 6 months to a year.

Torsion and mounted garage door springs

The treatment of these two types of springs will vary according to garage door repair Dana Point. The torsion variety works by twisting when the door closes. The mounted ones tend to use pulleys. What unites them is the fact that they have a lot of latent energy that can literally spring to action.

Repairing individual garage door parts

When it comes to garage door repair, normally it has to do with only one faulty part. Have a look at all of the individual parts, watching for anything that may be bent or broken. If all goes well you should be able to isolate and solve the problem without resorting to an overhaul.

Keeping garage door seal from freezing

Our expert says that using table salt on your door seal will keep it from freezing. Sprinkle a generous amount of it on the rubber seal that meets the concrete. Make sure to keep away the snow from the door by sweeping or shoveling it. Place the salt container in the garage so you will not forget to put it when needed.

Repairing garage tracks

Wrench is an important tool that you should have so you can tighten loose knots on brackets. Check if there is any misalignment on the tracks. Use a hammer and wooden block to fix dents or other simple damages. Use a cleaning solution to remove dirt that might have caused the malfunction.

The size of the opener's rail has to match the height of the garage door

This ensures that the door will be fully opened with the opener. There should be no panels hanging under the frame posing threat to people and objects. If the door passes the maximum standard height, it is possible for an extension to be added to the rail.

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